7-day Healthy Meal Planning Guide for 6 to 24 month old children

Tools for preparing solid food for babies

Strainer & rod

  • For mashing food into fine puree, e.g. green leafy vegetables, root vegetables, liver.Strainer & rod


  • For turning fruit and melon into mash-like consistency. Grater

Bowl with grater edges

  • For mashing food such as root vegetables, melon, fish, tofu, liver. Bowl with grater edges

Measuring Cup

  • For measuring rice and water. 1 cup equals to 240 ml. Measuring Cup

Tablespoon (tbsp) & teaspoon (tsp)

  • For mashing food and measuring food portions. Tablespoon (tbsp) & teaspoon (tsp)


  • For cutting food into smaller pieces. This helps children share the family's food.Scissors

Useful tips: Raw and cooked food should have designated tools for cutting.


  • For preparing food purees or mashes in large quantities. Blender

(Content revised 08/2017)