Hints for Parents
Can your BABY hear you?

Here is a checklist of some of the general signs you can look out for in your baby's first year:

Shortly after birth

Your baby should be startled by a sudden loud noise such as a hand clap or a door slamming and should blink or open his eyes widely to such sounds.

Yes □ No □

By 1 Month

Your baby should be beginning to notice sudden prolonged sounds like the noise of a vacuum cleaner and she should pause and listen to them when they begin.

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By 4 Months

He should quieten or smile to the sound of your voice even when he cannot see you. He may also turn his head or eyes towards you if you come up from behind and speak to him from the side. 

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By 7 Months

She should turn immediately to your voice across the room or to very quiet noises made on each side if she is not too occupied with other things.

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By 9 Months

He should listen attentively to familiar everyday sounds and search for very quiet sounds made out of sight. He should also show pleasure in babbling loudly and tunefully.

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By 12 Months

She should show some response to her own name and to other familiar words. She may also respond when you say 'no' and 'bye bye' even when she cannot see any accompanying gesture.

Yes □ No □

If you suspect that your baby is not hearing normally, either because you cannot answer 'yes' to the items above or for some other reasons, please seek advice from your health care providers.

Reproduced from "Can your baby hear you?" with permission of Professor Barry McCormick, Queen's Medical Centre, University Hospital, Nottingham, UK

(Content revised 09/2015)