Healthy Eating for 6 to 24 month old children (3) Ready to go (12- 24 months)

Weaning from the bottle

Staying on the bottle too long can:

  • Cause tooth decay in young children;
  • Reduce children's appetite for other foods, as they tend to drink more milk;
  • Cause children to become overweight. Wean your child from the bottle when he reaches 1 year old. Weaning becomes harder as he gets older.

Help your child give up the bottle

  • First, replace the bottle with a cup for one feeding during the daytime;
  • When he gets used to it, switch him to a cup during other milk feedings. By 18 months, stop using the bottle entirely.

Key points

  • Let him use a training cup for milk, or drink with a straw. You should sit close to him to help him if necessary;
  • Avoid offering your child a cup at the place he is normally bottle-fed;
  • If he demands a bottle, offer a pacifier or a bottle of water to comfort him.

Tips for parents

  • Your child may protest at first. Be persistent. Respond by giving hugs and kisses rather than giving in;
  • Ensure that the whole family works together during the weaning process. This helps your child get through weaning smoothly.

How to cut out the bottle before bedtime?

Note: Avoid exciting activities before bedtime.

  • If necessary, give your child some food or milk as the evening snack.
  • Then brush his teeth, and lead him to bed.
  • Cuddle him and read picture story books with him. As he calms down, he will fall asleep.
(Content revised 08/2017)