Healthy Eating for 6 to 24 month old children (3) Ready to go (12- 24 months)

Offering foods of various textures

  • After 1 year of age, children can chew and swallow food of a range of textures. They may prefer to eat soft rice rather than congee;
  • When the molar teeth appear, they can try more stringy or firm foods;
  • At around 2 years old, children can eat most of the family foods.

An example of dishes for child about 1 year old

  • Thick congee or soft rice
  • Soft chopped meat and vegetables

An example of dishes for child about 1 ½ years old

  • Soft rice
  • Small pieces of vegetables and meat
  • Short pieces of noodles
  • Thin slices of fruits

An example of dishes for child about 2 years old

  • Rice with texture similar to that of adult rice
  • Short pieces of noodles
  • Small cubes of meat and vegetable strips

Tips: Some children do not like to eat foods mixed together. Some do not like to eat food with sauces.

Beware of choking

Children should eat only when seated. This prevents choking. Avoid the following foods which can easily cause choking:

  • Whole nuts, peanuts and candies, etc.;
  • Roundish springy-texture foods such as meatballs (fish balls, etc.), mini-jelly, sausages and siu mai;
  • Sticky foods such as sweetened glutinous rice dumplings and marshmallows.
(Content revised 08/2017)