Healthy Eating for 6 to 24 month old children (3) Ready to go (12- 24 months)

Making mealtime enjoyable

  • Chat with your child, describe what he is eating and praise him when he behaves well;
  • Avoid rushing your child or giving negative comments as this may reduce his appetite;
  • Stop feeding your child when he indicates he is full.

Encourage your child to feed himself

Let your child feed himself while you are feeding him. An 18 to 24 month old child normally can feed himself. You can:

  • Give him a spoon to use, while you feed him with another one;
  • Supervise and assist him;
  • Gradually give him less help so that he learns to eat independently;
  • Give lots of praise.

Q&A: Has my child eaten enough?

Toddlers can express themselves when they have eaten enough. Do not pressure them to eat more.

When a toddler is full, he will:

  • Appear distracted;
  • Hold food in his mouth;
  • Play with the food;
  • Shake his head, push the spoon away, or have a tantrum when offered food;
  • He may tell you he is done and leave his seat.
(Content revised 08/2017)