Healthy Eating for 6 to 24 month old children (3) Ready to go (12- 24 months)

Establishing a healthy lifestyle

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Limit sugary, high fat snacks

  • Limit cookies, cream puffs, crisps and sugary drinks. Offer these only occasionally as snack:
  • Avoid stocking unhealthy snacks at home.  This helps you reduce the conflicts resulted from  refusing to give your child these foods ;
  • Avoid using snacks to soothe your child;
  • Do not use snacks as a reward.

Tips:Your child will be much happier if you reward him with your praise, cuddling, a kiss or playing in the park, rather than giving him a snack.

Look after your child's teeth

You should clean your child's mouth and teeth each morning and evening.
When her first molar comes in, brush her teeth using drinking water and a toothbrush with soft bristles.

For more information, please refer to the booklet "Oral Health Care for your Children".

Limit screen time

  • Your child develops skills through different activities and experiences;
  • Your child should not use or watch screen devices (such as TV, video games and mobile phones) or remain inactive for long periods of time, except during sleep.

Keep children physically active

Physical activities help strengthen children’s bones and muscles and enhance body coordination. Playing outdoors and exposure to sunlight helps them get vitamin D.

Provide a safe environment for activities

  • Ensure home safety:
    • Cover up electric sockets;
    • Put a soft mat on the floor;
    • Use corner cushions for corners of the furniture.
    For more information, please refer to the leaflet “Is your baby safe?”.
  • Activities in the home:
    • Let your child play and jump on the soft mat;
    • You can also sing, dance, or play a ball with your child.
  • Outdoor activities: Take your child to play in a wellmaintained playground.

    Always keep an eye on your child while he is playing.

For more information, please refer to the leaflet "Is your baby safe?”

(Content revised 08/2017)