My child is very active. Is he suffering from hyperactivity?

My child is very active and does not obey instructions. Is he having hyperactivity?

Children aged 2 to 3 years old are energetic and curious. It is common for them to enjoy running around and jumping about to explore the environment rather than sitting still. As a parent, you should set a few, simple rules for your child to obey. Be firm and consistent with the rules. Praise and encourage your child’s positive behaviors. Gradually, he will learn how to follow rules. On the other hand, adjust your expectations and avoid setting too many limits. Bring your child to open areas such as the park or playground. Let him run around to discharge his energy. At home, provide a safe and interesting environment to let him explore. You can also play with him. As you have a good relationship with him, he will be more cooperative.

Apart from observing his behaviour at home, you need to know how he behaves at school too. If your child has already started preschool, if you have tried the above-mentioned methods for a certain period of time but your child’s behaviour does not improve, or if the school teacher has concerns about your child, like not obeying rules, being very active, weak in attention, or being impulsive, you should bring your child to seek medical advice for further assessment.