Sex Life around Menopause

Are you worried or puzzled?

Don't ever say good bye to sex around menopause......

  • One will never be too old to have sex!
  • Sexual desire is our basic instinct and we shall never be shameful for wanting sex. Men and women are different in anatomical structure, yet their sexual desire is more or less the same.
  • It is true that sexual characteristics of women become less prominent with age, BUT, elderly women will not lost their sexual function. In fact, most elderly people, both men and women, who remain sexually active can experience high enjoyment from sex.
  • Sexual activity is not only referring to vaginal intercourse. Hugging, kissing, caressing, solo and mutual masturbation as well as oral sex are sexual activities commonly practised by many couples.
  • There is no normal standard on the frequency of sexual activity between couples, it will be okay as long as both feel contented.
  • There is no worry of getting pregnant after menopause and you may probably enjoy a more carefree sex life!

"I feel my vagina being very dry and I suffer from soreness every time I have sexual intercourse."

  • Hormonal cream, hormonal replacement therapy and lubricating jelly can help you. Consult your doctor.

"Lately I cannot help but spill out some urine during sexual intercourse..."

  • This is probably due to lax pelvic floor muscles and very commonly seen in middle-aged women. Pelvic floor exercise can help to strengthen the muscles. With regular exercise, urinary incontinence will improve in most women. Consult your doctor.

"I am so embarrassed by feeling horny at my age!"

  • Sexual need and drive are natural needs of a healthy person and will not extinguish simply with advancing age. Rather, you should rejoice at your health.

"I feel so depressed to find my body that is no longer attractive..."

  • Your attractiveness is not merely come from your body shape or your look. Chasing for eternal youth is impossible, just keep yourself tidy and happy. Sure, you are turning into middle age but this should not prevent you from enjoying harmonic relationships with your partner in sex and many other aspects of life.

Express your feelings and worries to someone you trust. You can enjoy at every stage of your life.

Contraceptive Advice to Menopausal Women

  • Women who have menopause before 50 years old should practise contraception, such as condom, intrauterine device or spermicide in the first two years after their last menses.
  • Women who have menopause after 50 years old should practise contraception for one year after their last menses.
  • Proper use of condom can help to reduce contraction of sexually transmitted infections.

Cervical Cancer Screening

If you have ever had sex and below 65 years old, you need to have regular cervical smears to protect you from cervical cancer.

Service providers:

  1. Maternal & Child Health Centres, Department of Health.
    24 hour booking service and information hotline: 31666631
  2. Other providers:

Health Check and Counseling

Woman Health Centres and selected Maternal & Child Health Centres, Department of Health

Contraceptive Service (Including emergency contraception)

  1. Maternal & Child Health Centres, Department of Health.
  2. Hong Kong Family Planning Association, Tel: 25754477
(Content revised 10/2013)