Taking care of young babies from zero to six months

Proper baby care is important especially for young infants who are more vulnerable beings. This issue will take you through common topics on baby care. Hope you find it informative and practical!

Learn about basic physical care

Have a look on videos regarding proper way to hold babies, bathing, changing diapers, cleaning the umbilical cord and oral hygiene.

Psychological care: the bonding

Studies have shown that children having good relationship with their parents since small are more likely to develop better interpersonal relationships when they grow up. Have a look on how parents can bond with their babies through responsive interactions here.

Safe and healthy feeding: the best start for babies

Breastmilk is the unquestionable natural food for babies. Click here to learn more about common breastfeeding problems and their solutions.

For mothers who cannot breastfeed or choose to use formula milk for feeding, then issues regarding choosing formula milk, milk bottles and teats, daily milk requirement for baby and proper steps in milk preparation and sterilization have to be noted.

Common parental concerns

Click on the links below to learn about questions parents commonly ask about baby care:


Newborns are weak and vulnerable. Their conditions may deteriorate quite quickly when they become ill. Click here to know more abousigns that might indicate serious illness in young infants.


It seems that there are many things to learn regarding baby care. If you want to know more about child health information, you can also call our 24 hour information hotline ( 2112-9900). Furthermore, information regarding women’s health and men’s health are also readily available in the Department of Health websites.