Connecting with your baby (1-4 Month)


Titleļ¼šConnecting with your baby ( 1 to 4 Months )

Narrator: Connecting with your baby now, helps building a close relationship between the two of you.

Sub-heading: Stay face-to-face with eye contact

Narrator: Place your baby in such a way that you can look at each other face-to-face and maintain good eye contact at the same level. In this way, both of you can see the other's response well.

Sub-heading: Observe, then respond

Narrator: Observe your baby's reactions before you respond to her.

Sub-heading: Imitate your baby's sounds

Narrator: Try to imitate her cooing. Guess what she wants to say and respond accordingly.

Sub-heading: Talk with lively expressions

Narrator: Lively facial expressions can arouse your baby's interest.

Sub-heading: Add in toys

Narrator: You may make use of toys to attract your baby's attention.

Sub-heading: Take a break when your baby loses interest

Narrator: When your baby loses interest in what you say or do, you may try to use the above skills to attract her attention, or just let her take a break.