Development from birth to 1 Month (Cantonese version with English subtitle only)


Titleļ¼šDevelopment from birth to the 1 Month

Scene: A newborn baby lies on the bed, moving his four limbs uncoordinatedly. At times, he thrusts his arms and kicks his legs. The baby is crying and keeping his hands fisted. The baby lies on the mother¡¦s chest and grabs the mother¡¦s clothe with his hand unintentionally.

Narrator: The movement of a newborn baby¡¦s arms and legs is uncoordinated. He thrusts his arms, kicks his legs and keeps his hands fisted most of the time. He grasps reflexively whatever is placed in his hand.

Scene: A nearly one month old baby lies on his bed. The mother touches his face and he responds by looking at her.

Narrator: By the end of the first month, he becomes more alert and responsive,

Scene: The baby lies on his bed with his hands loosely closed. He stretches his arms and legs slowly and smoothly.

Narrator: He moves his limbs more smoothly,

Scene: The baby puts his hands to near his eyes and mouth.

Narrator: and sometimes brings his hands to his mouth and eyes.

Scene: The baby opens his eyes wide, following briefly his mother¡¦s face. The baby sees a blurred image of his mother¡¦s face. The baby looks at a moving mobile with highly contrasted colour hanging over his bed. The image he sees is also blurred.

Narrator: As for his vision, he shows preference for human faces and high-contrast patterns.

Scene: The baby stares at the mobile hanging over his bed. He sees a blurred moving mobile. The baby also moves his head to and fro trying to look for his mother nearby. He sees a blurred image of his mother coming towards him.

Narrator: He can focus best at near, and can follow human faces or large attractive objects briefly.

Scene: The baby lies on his bed. On hearing his mother¡¦s voice, he blinks his eyes, moves his arms and legs then stops.

Narrator: As for hearing, he responds to sound by blinking, jerking his limbs or "freezing" his own activity.

Scene: The baby listen attentively to his mother while she talks to him and also the music from the mobile.

Narrator: He pays attention to human voice and is particularly fond of his mother¡¦s voice and soft music.

Scene: Baby lies on his bed and smiles with no reason. He smiles even more when his mother comes and plays with him.

Narrator: With respect to social communication, your baby starts to smile, unselectively at first, but gradually in response to other¡¦s stimulation.

Scene: The mother is holding her crying baby. She touches his head, cuddles him and rocks him lightly. The baby stops crying afterwards.

Narrator: Your baby likes being touched, cuddled and rocked slightly but dislikes rough and abrupt handling.