Written Submissions (Organisation)

Name of the Sender Submission No.
Abbott Laboratories Limited O0001
Agriculture Trade Office, American Consulate General Hong Kong O0002
Asia Pacific Infant & Young Child Nutrition Association (APIYCNA) O0003
Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff O0004
Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Hong Kong Association O0005
Baby Planner Limited O0006
BB Care O0007
Carat Media Services Hong Kong Ltd O0009
Celki Medical Hong Kong O0010
College of Nursing O0011
Comerife International Limited O0012
Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands O0013
Consumer Council O0014
Council of Public Relations Firms of Hong Kong O0015
Danone Baby Nutrition O0016
Datatrade Limited O0017
Division of Clinical Psychology, Hong Kong Psychological Society O0018
Easy Win & Co O0019
European Union O0020
Fonterra Brands (Hong Kong) Limited O0021
Foodmate Limited O0022
FrieslandCampina (Hong Kong) Limited O0023
Gordon (A distributor of milk Powder brand) O0024
Heinz Hong Kong Limited O0025
Hin Sang Hong Company Limited 衍生行有限公司 O0026
Hong Kong Suppliers Association O0027
Hong Kong Cable Enterprises Ltd O0028
Hong Kong College of Community Medicine O0029
Hong Kong College of Paediatricians O0030
Hong Kong College of Radiologists O0031
Hong Kong Dietitians Association Ltd O0032
Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce O0033
Hong Kong Midwives Association O0034
Hong Kong Nutrition Assocation O0035
Hong Kong Paediatric Foundation and The Hong Kong Paediatric Society O0036
Hong Kong Paediatric Nurses Association O0037
Hong Kong Society for Nursing Education O0038
Hong Kong Society of Paediatric Cardiology O0039
Hong Kong Society of Paediatric Respirology O0040
Hospital Authority O0041
Hutchison China Meditech Limited O0042
Idworks Design Limited O0043
La Leche League Hong Kong O0044
Likelike Communications O0045
Manning O0046
Matilda Hsopital O0047
Mead Johnson Nutrition (Hong Kong) Limited O0048
Midwives Council of Hong Kong O0049
Nestle O0050
New Zealand Consulate-General New Zealand Consulate-General O0051
Nursing Council of Hong Kong O0052
Occupational Therapists Board O0053
Ogilvy and Mather Hong Kong O0054
Pharmacy and Poisons Board Hong Kong O0055
Physiotherapists Board O0056
Product Marketing Mayborn Ltd O0057
Publicis Hong Kong O0058
Save the Children UK O0059
School of Nursing, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University O0060
School of Nursing, University of Hong Kong O0061
Snow Brand Hong Kong Co Ltd O0062
Television Broadcasts Limited O0063
The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong O0064
The Association for the Advancement of Feminism 新婦女協進會 O0065
The Civic Party 公民黨 O0066
The College of Surgeons of Hong Kong O0067
The Dairy Farm Company Ltd - Wellcome O0068
The Dental Council of Hong Kong O0069
The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong O0070
The Hong Kong Advertisers Association O0071
The Hong Kong College of Community and Public Health Nursing (HKCCPHN) O0072
The Hong Kong College of Family Physicians O0073
The Hong Kong College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists O0074
The Hong Kong College of Orthopaedic Surgeons O0075
The Hong Kong Infant and Young Child Nutrition Association O0076
The Hong Kong Medical Association O0077
The Hong Kong Society for Public Health Nursing (HKSPNH) O0078
The Hong Kong Society of Diagnostic Radiologists O0079
The Medical Council of Hong Kong O0080
The Newspaper Society of Hong Kong O0081
The Nursing Team of the Open University of Hong Kong O0099
The Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong O0082
The Provisional Hong Kong Academy of Nursing O0083
The University of Hong Kong, Dept of Obsetrics & Gynaecology, O0084
Tung Chi Hong (HK) Ltd O0085
UNICEF and WHO O0086
World Vision Hong Kong O0087
Wyeth Nutrition O0088
民主黨 O0089
民建聯 O0090
香港中文大學那打素護理學院 O0091
香港天主教母乳育嬰協會 O0092
荷花集團 O0093
惠康 Wellcome O0094
新世紀論壇 O0095
嬰幼兒奶粉、食品等及相關業界成員 O0096
Anonymous (by request )
Anonymous (by request )