Maternal and Child Health Centres


Wang Tau Hom Maternal & Child Health Centre


G/F, Wang Tau Hom Jockey Club Clinic, 200 Junction Road, Wang Tau Hom

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General Enquiry Tel number Fax number
3143 7180 2794 4527

Service Timetable

Service Timetable
9am to 1pm 2pm to 5.30pm
Mon Child Health Family Planning Postnatal Cervical Screening
Wed Child Health Woman Health
Fri Family Planning Postnatal Cervical Screening Child Health

* The registration time ends 30 minutes before the end of opening hours.

* Please register at Maternal and Child Health Centre within the designated registration time, otherwise the required service will not be arranged.

When Black Rainstorm Warning Signal, Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 or above is enforced, MCHC will be suspended and all appointments cancelled.  If the warning signal is lowered two hours or more before the normal time of closure, MCHC will resume normal function as soon as possible.  All affected clients may arrange a new appointment via the Online Booking System or Automated Phone Booking System.  Arrangement can also be made by attending or calling MCHC.

Appointment booking

Child Health Service (Must make prior appointment either in person, or by phone)
New case Tel no.:3143 7180
Revisit case Tel no.:3143 7180
Appointment booking time:Monday, Wednesday and Friday
11am-12:30pm and 3:30pm-5pm

Please read out your child's Case No. on the Immunisation card

Or access the Online Child Health Service Booking System at our website and follow the instructions on the “Automated Booking System for Child Health Service-Points to Note” to book, change, cancel or check an appointment

Antenatal Service
No Antenatal service
Cervical Screening Service
Please make appointment through the Automated Telephone Booking System 3166 6631
Woman Health Service
Make prior appointment either in person, or by phone 3143 7180
Appointment booking time: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11am-12:30pm and 3:30pm-5pm
(Please provide your case number which can be found in your Woman Health Handbook if you have previously registered for our Woman Health Service.)


  • There is no service every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Please make the appointment or attend our clinic during office hours.
  • Please attend within the designated registration time at Maternal and Child Health Centre, otherwise the consultation service will not be provided.
  • Appointment booking via fax is not applicable in our clinic.