For Civil Servants

Charging Arrangements for Maternal & Child Health and Woman Health Services for Holders of GF181s or TRY447s

Maternal health services (i.e. antenatal and postnatal checkups) provided at MCHCs will be provided free of charge to all civil service eligible persons1. For civil service eligible persons who are not Hong Kong Identity Card holders, verification of eligibility through the Medical and Dental Benefits Eligibility Checking System or presentation of a valid revised GF 181 (in pink) (for civil servants and their eligible dependants) or revised Try. 447 (in brown) (for pensioners and their eligible dependants), and production of valid proof of identity are required when seeking antenatal and postnatal services at MCHCs.

Charges for Maternal & Child Health and Woman Health Services for civil service eligible persons are as follows:

Maternal health services (antenatal & postnatal) No charge

Other Maternal & Child Health Services (including child health, family planning and cervical screening services) and Woman Health Service are of preventive nature and not related to treatment to patient with ailment, and therefore subject to charging. Civil service eligible persons are charged as members of general public for these services.

  Charges Payable by General Public
Service Eligible persons under Gazette G.N. 5777 of 20132 Non-eligible persons under Gazette G.N. 5777 of 20133
Child health No charge $365 (per attendance)
Pneumococcal Vaccine No charge $500 (per dose)*4
Varicella Vaccine No charge $295 (per dose)*4
Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella (MMRV) Vaccine No charge $490 (per dose)*5
Family planning $1 (per attendance) $235 (per attendance)
Cervical screening $100 (per attendance) $205 (per attendance)
Woman health $310 (annual fee)
$225 (per mammography)
$850 (annual fee)
$510 (per mammography)

Note 1: Persons eligible for civil service medical and dental benefits as defined in CSR900.

Note 2: Eligible person under Gazette G.N. 5777 of 2013 refers to persons who are (i) holders of Hong Kong Identity Card issued under the Registration of Persons Ordinance (Chapter 177), except those who obtained their Hong Kong Identity Card by virtue of a previous permission to land or remain in Hong Kong granted to them and such permission has expired or ceased to be valid; (ii) children who are Hong Kong residents and under 11 years of age; or (iii) other persons approved by the Director of Health.

Note 3: Non-eligible person under Gazette G.N. 5777 of 2013 refers to other persons not classified as eligible persons in Note 2.

NNote 4: The fees have been revised with effect from 1 December, 2016 under Gazette G.N. 6396 of 2016.

Note 5: The fee has been introduced with effect from 2 January, 2020 under Gazette G.N. 8340 of 2019.

* The above charge does not include the charge for attending Child Health Service at MCHCs.