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How to help your baby learn to drink from a cup

At 7 to 9 months of age, offer your baby a cup and help him to drink from it.

Be prepared:

When learning to use a cup, babies may throw or knock over the cup.They might even choke while they drink too.

Stages of learning to drink from a cup

At around 7 months old, your baby is ready to learn to drinking from a cup. You can:

  • Give your baby a training cup or small regular cup;
  • Fill the cup with a small amount of water;
  • Hold the cup close to his lower lip and tilt it, so that he drinks slowly.

From 8 to 12 months o1d, your baby gradually learns to hold the cup and drink from it. You can:

  • Let him hold the cup handles. As he drinks, stay close and offer help;
  • You can put water, milk or diluted juice into the cup.

During 12 to 18 months of age, most babies can hold and drink from a cup. By 18 months of age, assist your baby to stop drinking from feeding bottle to protect his teeth.

Babies are more willing to try using a cup when:

  • Parents are drinking water. This is because they love copying adults;
  • They are thirsty, e.g. after eating bread or biscuits.

It may be easier for babies to start with a training cup. When he uses it well, you can give him a small regular cup with two handles.

Choosing a cup

What is a suitable training cup?

  1. Cups without no-spill design. Water flows from the
    spout freely when the cup is tilted. Turn the no-spill cup to free-flow cup simply by removing the valve from the lid.
  2. Small size. It is easy to hold.
  3. Handles on both sides.Your baby can hold onto
    the cup more easily.
  4. A spout. This helps your baby drink from the cup more easily.
  5. Transparent container. You can see the water
    flow when your baby drinks.
  6. Durable. It is less likely to break.

Why is it better to use a free-flow training cup?

Water flows freely when babies drink from the cup. This helps babies gradually adapt to drinking from a regular cup.

My baby doesn't like the spout of the training cup!

Give him a small regular cup. Help him and allow him to explore. Be patient. He will drink from it with time.


  1. At about one year old, babies can drink or sip using a straw;
  2. After your baby can use a cup with a straw, he should stop using the feeding bottle.


  • Stay with your baby and supervise him whenever he eats;
  • Do not give drinks with solid bits or let him sip these drinks with a straw.
(Content revised 08/2017)