Checklist for Detection of Vision Problems

Here are some of the signs of normal vision for you to look out for during your baby's first year:

From 1 week

  • Does your baby turn to diffuse light?
  • Does your baby stare at your face?

By 2 months

  • Does your baby look at you, follow your face if you move from side to side, and smile responsively back at you?
  • Do your baby's eyes move together?

By 6 months

  • Does your baby look around with interest?
  • Does your baby try to reach out for small objects?
  • Do you think your baby has a squint? Squint is now definitely abnormal, however slight and temporary.

By 9 months

  • Does your baby poke and rake very small objects such as crumbs or 'hundreds and thousands' cake decorations with fingers?

By 12 months

  • Does your baby point to things to demand?
  • Does your baby recognise people she knows from across the room, before they speak to her/him?

If at any time you suspect that your baby's vision is abnormal, either because you cannot answer 'yes' to any of the items above or you suspect a squint, seek advice from health care providers.

Reproduced from the Checklist for Detection of Vision Problem. Mary D Sheridan From Birth to Five Years: Children's Developmental Progress. Edition revised and updated by Marion Frost & Ajay Sharma. (London: Routledge 1997), Appendix II. Permission to use granted by International Thomson Publishing Services Ltd.

(Content revised 09/2015)