Providing a safe environment for your baby

(Content revised 06/2019)

While you are busy preparing for your baby's arrival or taking care of your newborn, have you ever thought of your baby's safety? Here are some simple but important tips to help you set up a safe home environment for your baby.


  1. Place your baby on her back to sleep
  2. It would be best for your baby to sleep in a cot
  3. If you need to share bed with your baby, place him in a basket and give him a separate blanket
  4. Adults should not take alcohol or drug if they share bed with the baby
  5. Do not sleep with your baby on sofa
  6. Put your baby to sleep in light and comfortable wear
  7. Baby's face and arms should not be covered by blanket
  8. Do not put any items (other than beddings) in your baby's bed
  9. Do not place your baby to sleep on soft and fluffy objects like quilt, soft pillow, sheepskin or bean bag
  10. Keep baby's sleeping area well-ventilated with a comfortable temperature
  11. Provide a smoke-free environment to your baby
  12. The distance between the vertical bars of the baby cot should be less than 6 cm (2.5 inches)
  13. The mattress should be well fitted with the baby cot without any gaps
  14. Never leave your baby alone on the bed or sofa without guards
  15. Buckle the safety straps and keep the wheels locked when you put your baby in a stroller
  16. Front baby carriers are not recommended for babies under 3 months


  1. Use a baby bath basin for bathing your baby
  2. Put cold water in before hot water and test the water temperature with your elbow when preparing to bathe your baby


  1. Breastfeeding is known to protect against sudden infant death syndrome
  2. If formula milk is used, only infant formula is suitable for babies younger than 6 months
  3. All feeding equipment (including feeding bottles, teats, tongs) are sterilised before use
  4. It is best to make up a fresh feed each time
  5. Do not reheat milk in a microwave oven
  6. Check the milk temperature before feeding the baby (including formula milk or warmed breastmilk)
  7. Never prop up the bottle or leave your baby alone during feeding
  8. Keep your baby away from hot water at all times

To know more about Home Safety information, please visit the “Child Health Home Safety” webpage :