How can I ease my baby's teething discomfort?

My baby not only wants to chew something hard and has drooling of saliva, he is also irritable and has less appetite during teething, what can I do to help?

Teething may cause your baby to have a desire to chew something hard. It is normal. You can use teething ring with liquid inside, wash it clean and put it in the fridge for a while for your baby to chew, but do not put it in the freezer as it will be too hard.

Often the gum around the teeth will get swollen during teething and your baby may become irritable. You can try to comfort him by playing with him to distract him. However, if the swelling appears red or blue, it is likely abnormal and you should bring your baby to visit a dentist.

If your baby is drooling frequently, you can clean his mouth and change the bib more frequently to keep good hygiene. Give more water to your baby. It should be at an appropriate temperature. The milk can be a bit cooler than usual to decrease gum discomfort. Apart from these, the food for your baby should be cooked in a more tender way for easy chewing. Usually, your baby’s appetite will improve after teething.

My baby has frequent bowel openings recently and some low grade fever too. Is it due to teething?

Teething does not cause fever. However, during teething, your baby will have a desire to bite. This will increase the chance of infection. If your baby has conditions like fever, runny nose or diarrhea, you should consult a doctor.

Someone suggests that I can use some medication to rub on my baby’s gum to relieve his discomfort during teething. Is that alright?

To avoid your baby from swallowing the medication, you should avoid using this method to relieve the discomfort during teething, unless the medication is prescribed by your doctor.