My baby loves to grasp things, how can I stop her?

My baby loves to grasp things, how can I stop her?

Babies like to grasp things with their hands at around 6 months of age. However, they do not know what are dangerous. Babies may grasp and play with objects when they see them at home, such as pots, bowls or other small objects. They may put them into their mouths and accidents can occur as a result.

To prevent scald injuries, do not work in the kitchen with your baby on your back so as to prevent her from grasping any hot pots or hot soup. When you are dining at the table, do not hold your baby on your lap to prevent her from pulling the hot dishes on the table. If you really need to hold your baby during mealtimes, try to stay away from the table and do not use table cloth.

When your baby can crawl or walk, you can install a gate at the kitchen door so she cannot get in. Usually, she will have better finger movements at that time. She may insert her fingers into the holes of the sockets on the walls out of curiosity. This can cause an electric shock. Therefore, sockets should be covered by protective covers. Moreover, your baby may pick up small objects and put them into her mouth. This may block the airway and cause suffocation. So, remember to put all small objects like coins, marbles, batteries and buttons in a safe place. You need to check the toys for any loosing parts. Do not give them to your baby. Check your home including the gaps in between the furnitures for any small objects regularly.

To prevent accidents at home, it is most important that the caregiver should watch the baby all the times. If you want to know more about home safety, you can read the leaflet “Is your baby safe?”.

I need to do housework and I cannot carry my baby on my back to the kitchen. Is it alright to put her on my bed?

For safety reason, never leave your baby alone on an adult bed or the sofa to prevent her from falling down. If you cannot look after your baby, you should place her inside the baby cot or the net bed, remember to raise and lock the side rails securely.