Five common pitfalls that lead to fall injuries at home

Children can walk, climb or run at around the age of 1. They may even imitate difficult actions. However, they are still young and their coordination of movement is not good enough. Moreover, they may not understand or remember what are dangerous things to do. This can lead to injuries like falls at home or even falls from height.

To prevent falls at home, apart from keeping an eye on what your child is doing, safety awareness of home environment is also important.

What are the common pitfalls of fall injuries at home?

  1. Balcony and windows are high risk places. Children may not understand the serious consequences of falling from heights. You must install window guards and fences or wire mashes around the balcony.
  2. The floor has potential dangers. Glossy floor makes slipping more likely. Avoid using small carpets. Walkways should be clear of toys or objects to prevent tripping over. You should clear spilled water or grease on the floor immediately to prevent your child from slipping.
  3. Children like to climb around, so you should avoid stacking up your furniture and belongings as your child may climb up and fall down causing injury.
  4. Avoid using bunk beds where possible. Consider using a bed with an additional retractable bed attached to its base. If you need to use a bunk bed, you should avoid letting your child sleep on the upper deck. Fit strong side rails of appropriate height to the upper deck and install a secure ladder for safe climbing. Avoid leaving any space in between the bed and the wall.
  5. Bathroom can also be a common place for both adults and children to fall. You should place non-slip mat inside the bathtub and keep the floor of the bathroom dry.

In fact most of the accidents are preventable. The most important point is that you should be aware of this all the time and take preventive measures. If you want to know more about how to prevent home accidents, you can read the leaflets “Is your baby safe?” and “Love your child, Prevent injuries”.