My baby has some redness and pus on BCG injection site. How could I take care of this condition?

(Video uploaded 04/2013)


My baby is now 3 weeks old. He has some redness and pus on the BCG injection site on his arm. How can I take care of this condition?

Some children may develop small red papules or ulcers at the sites of injection 2-4 weeks after vaccination. In general, all these will gradually subside and heal in a few weeks, leaving a small scar behind or no scar at all.

Parents do not need to worry if there is pus or ulceration at the site of injection. This is a normal reaction. The child can take baths as usual. Keep the injection site clean and dry. Use cool boiled water to clean the site if necessary, and wipe dry with a clean gauze afterwards.

Do not apply any medications or ointments and do not compress or bandage the injection site. Avoid tight clothings. If the condition is getting worse or persists, you can bring your baby to Maternal and Child Health Centre for examination.