How can I respond to my child's questions about nudity on magazine covers or intimate scenes on TV?

If the preschooler asks why the lady has no clothes on, you can ask how he feels about his body being naked. Then give simple answer according to what he says. You may say something like, ‘Yes, it’s not nice to let people see your naked body. We should protect our private parts.’ If the child raises further question, try to explain and not feel embarrassed about it. You may tell him that there are different kinds of people in the world, just like there are goodies and baddies. As some people like to watch these nude pictures, so they are posted. We should not do things that are not nice.

If the child is curious towards the romantic scenes, you can explain to him, ‘The couple loves each other very much and hugging and kissing are ways to express love. However, people hug and kiss only when they are intimate and trust each other, just like mum and dad. If someone doesn’t like and doesn’t agree to let you do it to her or him, even though you like the person very much, you should respect the person.’