Information on Attendance/ Sick Leave Certificate for Antenatal and Postnatal Clients

Either a “Certificate of Attendance” or a “Sick Leave Certificate” can be issued for each antenatal visit or post confinement treatment visit note 1. Some employers accept Certificate of Attendance whereas others only accept Sick Leave Certificate. Therefore, you need to discuss with your employer about their policy beforehandnote 2.


  1. “Sick Leave Certificate” is not issued for routine postnatal check-up,only Certificate of Attendance will be issued.
  2. An administrative fee of HK$160 will be charged for every copy of “Certificate of Attendance” or “Sick Leave Certificate” requested after the day you received service in Maternal and Child Health Centres of the Department of Health.

Please contact staff of the Maternal and Child Health Centre for further enquiry.

For more details of Maternity Protection and Paternity Leave, please refer to the Labour Department website at

(Content revised 07/2017)