First Antenatal Visit

Points to Note

Antenatal check-up is important to safeguard the health of pregnant woman and her baby and to identify risk factors which may affect the pregnancy outcome.

First Antenatal Visit

Registration at the counter (*Receive the following services as appropriate)

Body weight, height, blood pressure measurements and urine test

  • These are health indexes of both the mother and the foetus.
  • Types of clothes worn affect the accuracy of body weight measurement. Pregnant women are advised to wear clothes of comparable thickness in subsequent visits.
  • It is difficult to measure the blood pressure accurately if the clothes are too thick or the sleeves are too tight.
  • Urine sample is tested for the presence of sugar and protein during routine check-ups.

Nurse interview

  • Medical and obstetric histories
    • Past health, history related to previous pregnancies, family history of particular diseases and health status of current pregnancy can help staff work out an antenatal care plan for you.
    • The first day of the last menstrual period is used to estimate the expected date of confinement. (If private USG report is available, please bring along the document for reference)

Health Assessment, Doctor consultation

  • Physical check-up, including abdominal palpation and detection of foetal heart beat (if appropriate).

Blood taking (New Case only)