Positive Parenting Programme

(Conducted in Cantonese only)

Outline of content

Session 1

  • principles of positive parenting
  • identify factors affecting child's behaviour patterns
  • set goals for change in child's and parent's behaviour
  • monitoring child's target behaviours

Session 2

  • Strategies to develop a positive relationship with child
  • Strategies for encouraging positive behaviour
  • Strategies for teaching new skills or behaviours
  • Practice the positive parenting strategies

Session 3

  • set appropriate ground rules
  • use directed discussion and planned ignoring to deal with mild problem behaviour
  • how to give instructions and back up with logical consequences, quiet time or

Session 4

  • Family survival tips
  • Identify high-risk situations at home and in the community when the child is more likely to be difficult to manage.
  • designing a planned activities routine
  • design, use and monitor the planned activities routines for child's high risk situations

Session 5-8

  • Phone Follow-up Sessions
Feedbacks from Parent
(Chinese version only)