Parenting Programme

‘Happy Parenting !’ Workshops

(Conducted in Cantonese only)

To equip parents with necessary knowledge and skills to bring up happy and well-adjusted children, a series of workshops have been designed for parents-to-be and caregivers with children of different age groups attending Maternal & Child Health Care Centres. Parents will receive anticipatory guidance in childcare and parenting specific to the age of their child.

Please refer to our web page about the schedule of our workshops.

Public Health Talks

(Conducted in Cantonese only)

We also hold Public Health Talks regularly in public venues for parents-to-be and caregivers with children form newborn to preschool age. Topics on pregnancy, child care, child development and parenting will be delivered by various professionals. You may go to the following web page for details.

Parents are welcome to contact our healthcare personnel for details. Family Health Service 24-hour Information Hotline 2112 9900 or visit

(Content revised 03/2018)