Woman Health

A comprehensive health promotion and disease prevention programme is offered to all women at or below 64 years of age to cater for their changing needs in different life stages and roles. The programme, implemented in Maternal and Child Health and Woman Health Centres, aims to empower women to make life choices that are conducive to their health and seek appropriate health care or social services when necessary, through the provision of accurate and updated information on all woman health issues as well as relevant community resources. The programme covers three main areas, namely sexual & reproductive health, psychosocial health and personal relationship, as well as physical health and lifestyle.

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Sexual health

Women are provided with education on sexual health at three life stages, namely premarital, pregnancy and puerperium, and menopausal period. Safe sex is emphasized to reduce the chance of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and developing cervical cancer. Counseling is given to women with sexual problems and referral to specialists is made as appropriate.

Breast awareness

Women are encouraged to get familiar with their breast so that any changes can be identified early. Health professionals offer assessment and counseling to women with any unusual breast changes or breast lumps detected and arrange referrals to specialists.

Cervical screening

A cervical screening service, under the Cervical Screening Programme of the Department of Health, is offered to women aged 25 or above who have ever had sexual intercourse. Women who need a cervical screening test can access the service provided at MCHCs through a central automated telephone booking system (Cervical Screening Service 24-hour Phone Booking and Information Hotline 3166 6631). For booking details, please click here. For more information on cervical cancer screening, please press here to listen to the pre-recorded health information or click into the Cervical Screening Programme website.

Family planning

Family planning services are provided to all women of childbearing age to enable them to decide freely and responsibly the number and spacing of the children. Appropriate contraceptive methods including condom, contraceptive pills, hormonal injection, intrauterine device and post-coital/emergency contraception are prescribed according to individual needs. Referral for sterilization and termination of pregnancy is made for clients as appropriate. For those with subfertility problem, counseling and referral for specialist management will be arranged.For details, please click here.

Antenatal and postnatal care

A comprehensive antenatal shared-care programme is provided to pregnant women, in collaboration with the Obstetric Department of public hospitals, to monitor the whole pregnancy and delivery process. Routine checkups, blood tests, health education on pregnancy-concerned care, listen to the pre-recorded FAQ and infant and young child feeding are given during the antenatal visits. Postnatal mothers are provided with physical checkups and advice on family planning. Postnatal mothers are given help and support to adapt to changes in life through individual counseling. Antenatal service details, Please click here

Menstrual problems

Women may have concerns about their menstrual cycle, cyclical premenstrual discomforts or menstrual disorders at various life stages. Health education, individual counseling and referral to specialists are offered to clients as needed.

Psychosocial Health

Women may encounter psychosocial problems such as mood disorders related to pregnancy, marital, in-law and parental relationship problems, or adjustment disorders at menopause. Psychosocial risk assessment, counseling and group education activities are provided. Referral to social services will be arranged as appropriate.

Physical Health and Lifestyle

Women are encouraged to practice healthy lifestyle including eating a healthy diet, taking regular exercise, maintaining a healthy body weight and refraining from smoking. Health information, health assessment, individual counseling and workshops are provided to women as appropriate.