Ready to go - Establishing a healthy lifestyle

(Video uploaded 03/2018)

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Title´╝ÜReady to go - Establishing a healthy lifestyle

Establishing a healthy lifestyle

Heading: Healthy eating for 6 to 24 month old children - Ready to Go - Establishing a healthy lifestyle

Hostess(Ms Anna Wu): Parents should set a good example for children by eating a balanced diet, and limiting the consumption of foods that are high in fat, sugar or salt, such as snack foods.

Sub-heading: Limiting unhealthy snacks

Narration: Avoid stocking these snack foods at home so that children cannot get hold of them frequently. Do not soothe children with snack foods when they whine or get upset. Do not reward children for good behavior with snack foods. These actions make the snacks more desirable for children.

Sub-heading: Encouraging physical activity

Narration: Children are born active. Allowing them to play and move around is good for their mental and physical health. Limit the time that children spend in front of video screens. Parents should also make home a safe place for children to play by for example covering up the electric sockets, and placing a soft floor mat on the playing area. Take children outdoors for a daily walk. Sunlight helps ensure that both you and your child gets enough vitamin D to build strong bones.

Sub-heading: Looking after your child's teeth

Hostess(Ms Anna Wu): When children's first molars come in, parents should brush their teeth in the morning and at night using a tooth brush with soft bristles. Use only cooled, boiled water until they can spit out the water, use a toothpaste for brushing.

Narration: Let your child sit on your lap to brush his teeth so that you can see his teeth clearly. At around 2 years old, you should teach him to learn to brush his own teeth step-by-step. To prevent dental cavities, children should avoid eating frequently. Remember to stop using a bottle by 18 months.

Hostess(Ms Anna Wu): Children between 1 to 2 years old gradually learn to eat like adults. To ensure that they get adequate and balanced nutrition, parents should give them a wide range of foods and a suitable amount of milk.

Hostess(Doctor Amy Fung): Serve children's meals and snacks on a regular schedule. Parents should dine with their children as frequently as possible and set up mealtime routines. Remember to praise your child when he feeds himself and follows the mealtime rules. All of these actions ensure that children will not only obtain sufficient nutrients, but will also learn to eat sociably. They will be ready to enjoy eating a balanced diet and to lead an active lifestyle.

Hostess(Ms Anna Wu): After watching this programme, if you have any questions about feeding your child, please contact your family doctor or nurses.