Use Screen Devices Appropriately

(Video uploaded 02/2018)


Titleļ¼šUse Screen Devices Appropriately

Narrator : Adults should provide guidance

Narrator : and accompany their children when using screen devices

Narrator : such as computers

Narrator : mobile phones and tablets

Narrator : For 2 to 5 year olds

Narrator : limit their time spent on these devices

Narrator : to no more than one hour every day

Narrator : and make sure

Narrator : that they don't have too many sedentary activities

Narrator : You can arrange more physical and outdoor activities

Narrator : to expand their learning horizons

Narrator : For example, the whole family can have outdoor activities

Narrator : such as kite flying, cycling, and playing ball games

Narrator : To help your child develop the qualities described above

Narrator : and become an active learner

Narrator : you need to have a good parent-child relationship

Narrator : and be a role model for learning

Narrator : The child will be more capable of learning

Narrator : with fruitful outcomes!