Parenting Corner

Parent-Child e-Link

Parent–Child e-link The online membership programme, was launched in 2011. Simply register online at this page or through your child's MCHC, parenting information appropriate to the age of your child will be delivered to you via email. The free e-newsletter contains a number of hyperlinks. A simple click will link you to all information you need including childcare issues, child development, ways to effective parent-child communication and facilitation of your child's development at different stages. We hope that Parent-Child e-Link can enhance your confidence in childcare and child guidance.

Parenting Made Easy

Parenting Made Easy The newly launched Parenting Made Easy allows you an all-time access to parenting information at your choice. It brings to you evidence-based and practical parenting knowledge and skills through numerous animations, videos, interactive games and hyperlinks. With simple clicks, you will be able to get hold of parenting tips to enhance your confidence in childcare and child guidance and bring up healthy, happy and well-adjusted children.

Answer the quiz at the end of each stage of the course and celebrate your achievement by printing a certificate.

Expert Tips

In a highly competitive society nowadays, parents surely want to give their children the best so that they are well-equipped to meet with the future challenges in their study, social relationship and career. Varied information on how to nurture children as well as children training classes have emerged. Amidst the flood of information, we have set up Expert Tips as a platform to provide updated and evidence-based childcare information for parents of pre-school children. Our professional team will share ideas which help foster all-round healthy development of your children with you. We hope Expert Tips will give you a clearer direction in your parenting path and help you make appropriate choices for your children and yourselves.