Parent-Child e-link

Dear parent / caregiver / child-related professional:


During the first few years of life, children are experiencing tremendous changes in their growth and development.  From time to time, you may be at a loss when facing various problems and challenges in childcare.  Now, here is the good news:

Parent-Child e-link

Parent-Child e-Link is a parenting e-newsletter.  This electronic media will provide you with evidence-based knowledge in various aspects of parenting.  The newsletter contains a number of hyperlinks.  A simple click will link you to knowledge on stages of child development,  childcare issues, skills on child stimulation and parent-child communication.  We hope the Parent-Child e-Link can enhance your confidence in childcare and child guidance.

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If you are a parent or caregiver, you will receive regular parenting information according to the age of your child registered till six years old.

If you are a child–related professional, you will receive our e-newsletters with different child health and parenting themes periodically.

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