Child Health Service

Clients visiting Maternal and Child Health Centres (MCHCs) for Child Health Service are required to bring along the following documents:

First Registration Subsequent Visit
Immunisation record (i.e. injection card)
Birth identity documents*# (e.g. Birth Certificate)
For non-local born children, please bring along valid travel documents*
Parents' Valid Hong Kong Identity Cards* (copies are acceptable)
For those without, please bring along valid travel documents*
(copies are acceptable)
Newborn hospital discharge record (i.e. Blood report, hearing test result or other medical reports…etc) Discharge record of subsequent hospitalisation or medical certificate of child's medical problems/illness
MCHC Antenatal Registration Card of mother (If applicable. You can also bring along mother’s antenatal record for our medical staffs to understand the condition of mothers and their children ) Child Health Record
Filled in “Child Health Service- First Registration Form

* Proof of identity is required.

# If parents or guardians are unable to provide a valid Hong Kong birth identity document, all child health services are chargeable as per the prevailing gazetted charges for Non-Eligible persons. Details about registration of a birth can be referred to website of Immigration Department.

For details of all MCHCs, please click here.