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Submission by electronic mail is not applicable except otherwise specified. Please refer to the forms for details.

General Service

Download for Forms Form
Acknowledgement of Receipt FHS136 (Rev. Oct 2017)
Application for Updating Personal Particulars / Transfer of Health Record FHS46CD (Rev. Dec 2016)
Application for Medical Report (Child) FHS118A (Rev. Jul 2017)
Application for Copy of Child Health Record FHS118B (Rev. Jul 2017)
Application for Medical Report (Adult) FHS119A (Rev. Oct 2017)
Application for Copy of Health Record/ Investigation Report (Adult) FHS119B (Rev. Oct 2017)
Parent/Legal Guardian Consent Form (Disclosure of Personal Data to 3rd Party) FHS121 (Rev. Jul 2017)
Client Consent Form (Disclosure of Personal Data to 3rd Party) FHS122 (Rev. Mar 2018)

Authorisation for collection of copy of health record/ copy of investigation report/ medical report

FHS123 (Rev. Jul 2017)

Child Health

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Child Health Service - First Registration Form FHS11A (Rev. Jun 2018)
Apply for / Withdraw from receiving SMS Reminders of the Child Health Service Appointments at Maternal & Child Health Centres (MCHCs), Department of Health (DH) FHS11 (Rev. Nov 2015)
Application for Replacement/Copy of Immunisation Record FHS124 (Rev. Apr 2018)
Child Health Service Booking System (Online) Online Booking Account Setting Application (Use/Termination) FHS134 (Rev. Mar 2016)

Antenatal/Postnatal and Family Planning

Download for Forms Form
Family Planning Service/ Postnatal Service/ Woman Health Service - First Registration Form FHS50 (Rev. Jan 2017)
Antenatal Service - First Registration Form FHS51 (Rev. Sept 2017)
Application for Replacement of Family Planning / Cervical Screening Service Card FHS13 (Jan 2017)