Woman Health Service

Woman Health Service is mainly provided at the three Woman Health Centres (WHCs) and some selected Maternal and Child Health Centres (MCHCs) on a sessional basis.

Women play a significant role in the health promotion and care of the family. They have a great influence on the health of their children, their family and the community. The Family Health Service of the Department of Health provides the Woman Health Service to women aged at or below 64 years. The Woman Health Service aims to promote the health of women according to their health needs at various stages of life.

The Service Includes:

  1. Health assessment
    • Detailed nursing interview and medical consultation for health risk assessment of some common chronic diseases, e.g. hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolaemia, as well as colorectal, cervical and breast cancers
    • Body weight, height, waist circumference, blood pressure and physical examination
    • Investigations, including blood tests, colorectal, cervical and breast cancer screenings, are offered depending on individual needs and risk assessment
  2. Health education and individual counselling
    • Promotion of healthy lifestyle practices and weight management
    • Breast awareness and other cancer prevention
    • Menstrual concerns
    • Sexual health
    • Psychosocial health
    • Other specific issues according to individual needs

Referral to the specialists will be made if clinically indicated.


Annual fee Screening mammography (each episode)
Eligible Person $310 $225
Non-eligible Person $850 $510

Woman Health Centres (By appointment only)

Woman Health Centre Recorded information about the centre Tel. No. Fax. No. Time of Operation
Chai Wan Woman Health Centre 2975 0236 2897 9321 2556 4454 Mon to Fri
9 am - 1 pm
2 pm - 5:30 pm

2nd & 4th non-Public Holiday Saturdays of each month
9 am - 12 noon

Lam Tin Woman Health Centre 2727 5332 2952 9829 2346 1334
Tuen Mun Woman Health Centre 2451 6667 2451 5310 2459 4593

MCHCs with Woman Health Service Sessions (By appointment only)

Maternal and Child Health Centre Tel. No. Time of Operation
Ap Lei Chau MCHC 2518 5701 1st & 3rd non-Public Holiday Mondays of each month
2pm to 5:30pm
Yaumatei MCHC 2770 0044 1st & 3rd non-Public Holiday Wednesdays of each month
9am to 1pm
Fanling MCHC 2671 9563 Thursday 2pm to 5:30pm
Friday 9am to 1pm
Ma On Shan MCHC 2641 3843 Tuesday 2pm to 5:30pm

Clients can access the Family Health Service Website or call the 24-hour information hotline for women's health information.