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Maternal and Woman health

Adult Woman

Topic Content of Video
Healthy Diet and Nutrition Facts on calcium and bone health
How can we get adequate calcium in our diet?
Diabetes screening and Pre-Diabetes Diabetes screening and Pre-Diabetes
Sexual Health Female Urinary Problems (Cantonese version only)
Breast Awareness and Prevention of Breast Cancer Breast Awareness and Breast Cancer Prevention
Cervical Screening Prevention of Cervical Cancer (Cantonese version only)
Family Planning and Subfertility Contraception (Cantonese version only)
Menstrual Problems Knowing about Menopause (Cantonese version only)

Antenatal and Postnatal Period

Topic Content of Video
Antenatal Care Information to Antenatal Clients

Antenatal Care

Nutrition for Pregnant Women

Antenatal care and exercises

Prevention of Vector-borne diseases

Postnatal Care Happy Parenting (Cantonese version with English Subtitle)

Postnatal care and exercises

Postnatal Care (Cantonese version only)

Postnatal mood Disorders (Cantonese version with English subtitle)