Be good to yourself

(Video uploaded 07/2017)


Titleļ¼šBe good to yourself

Narrator: The arrival of the baby will bring changes and stresses to the lives of parents. This is especially true to mothers after giving birth as some of them may undergo mood changes such as emotional instability, loss of appetite, crying spouts, insomnia or irritability. Awareness of these mood changes may help parents control their mood better before their conditions deteriorate and get out of control. If you get irritable and moody while caring for your baby, you should try to relax yourself. For instance, take some deep breaths, remind yourself to stay calm or off to get yourself a glass of water to cool yourself down. If your baby's crying gets intolerable you may put him in a safe place for a while. Then take a rest and listen to some music to unwind the tension.

Scene: Father comes home and calls mother

Father: Honey, honey.

Mother: Our little one's been crying all day, I'm so tired and just want to take a rest.

Father: It must be tiring caring for him. Just leave it to me and take a rest.

Narrator: When you experience stresses in child care, your partner and family members are important sources of support. Besides, try other positive solutions to cope with stresses. For example, you can talk to experienced parents or call hotline centres for advice. You can also seek assistance from medical professionals or social workers if necessary.

Sub-heading: Department of Health, Family Health Service 24-hour Information Hotline 21129900. Social Welfare Department Hotline 23432255. Hospital Authority Mental Health 24-hour Hotline 24667350. The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong 23892222.