Maternal Health

Antenatal service

A comprehensive antenatal shared-care programme is provided to pregnant women, in collaboration with the Obstetric Department of hospitals under the Hospital Authority (HA), to monitor the whole pregnancy and delivery process. To ensure the continuity of quality care, antenatal service clustering between Maternal and Child Health Centres (MCHCs) and hospitals under the HA of the same district is provided. Pregnant women should attend the MCHC having shared antenatal care with HA hospitals.


  1. MCHCs only accept registration of pregnant women who will deliver in the designated shared care hospitals under the HA.
  2. Appointment must be made for antenatal service.
  3. As the procedure for registration of new cases is different among hospitals, for more information please contact the obstetric department or the corresponding MCHC by phone or in person.
  4. Non local expectant mothers must consult the Obstetric Department of hospitals under the Hospital Authority for their first antenatal service registration.

Registration procedure in MCHC

Pregnant women must attend the MCHC for antenatal service within the designated appointment time. Please refer to the details of appointment booking of your preferred MCHC.

Documents / Forms to bring along

First registration:

  1. Valid Hong Kong Identity Card Note 1 Note 2
  2. Proof of address dated within the last 6 months
  3. Result of pregnancy tests
  4. Antenatal record (if available)
  5. Completed First Registration Form
  6. Urine sample Note 3

Follow up visit:

  1. Valid Hong Kong Identity Card Note 1 Note 2
  2. MCHC Antenatal Registration Card
  3. Antenatal record (if available)
  4. Urine sample Note 3


  1. Proof of identity is required
  2. For non-local expectant mothers, please bring:
    1. The Certificate on Confirmed Antenatal and Delivery Booking issued by the Hospital Authority
    2. Valid travel document
    3. Spouse's identity document (copy is acceptable)
  3. Point to note when collecting urine sample:
    1. Collect your urine sample before breakfast (drinking plain water is okay).
    2. Prepare a clean wide-mouth bottle for collecting the sample.
    3. Discard the first void urine as it is not appropriate for the test.
    4. Wash your hands with liquid soap and water thoroughly when you prepare the second void.
    5. Use a wet cotton wool pad or toilet paper to clean the vulva and remove any vaginal discharge.
    6. Position yourself over the toilet and begin to pass urine.
    7. Do not collect the first and the last part of urine.
    8. Midway through the urination process, collect a sample of the urine with the wide-mouth bottle.
    9. Tightly screw the cap back onto the container and wash your hands thoroughly.
    10. You can eat as usual afterwards.
Antenatal check up in First registration Includes obstetric, personal and family medical history, physical and gynaecological examination if necessary, urine testing for sugar and protein, antenatal blood tests etc.
Charges and fees Please click here for details
Other information
Attendance / Sick leave certificate Pregnant women can apply for either attendance or sick leave certificate during the antenatal check up. Please click here for details.
Copy of health record or investigation report Pregnant women can apply for a copy of Antenatal Service health record or investigation report for future medical purposes. Please click here for the application form (FHS 119B).
Antenatal care health information
Antenatal Group on Caring for and feeding your baby Support expectant parents to connect with the baby , build a close and loving parent-child relationship, to make an infant feeding decision and to learn about the feeding skills.

Registration in Hospital Authority, for details, please click here.

Postnatal Service

Postnatal mothers are provided with physical checkups and advice on family planning. Postnatal mothers are given help and support to adapt to changes in life through individual counseling.