Character-Building and Discipline

Positive parenting

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Parenting with DEAR:

Learn more about the key elements in positive parenting, and how to take good care of yourself as a parent to support your child's health development.

Focus on What Counts – Raising Your Child with Positive Parenting
Your Time Counts
Your Encouragement Counts
Your Guidance Counts
Your Acceptance Counts
Your Wellbeing Counts
Positive Discipline:

Learn more about discipline in a positive way for children of different ages

Start disciplining your toddler in a positive way
How to Discipline Toddlers in a Positive Way (Applicable to 18 – 24 Months Old)
Discipline toddlers in a positive way (Applicable to 2 years old and above)
Positive Parenting Programme:

Introduce the Positive Parenting Programme provided by the Family Health Service of the Department of Health, and the experience of the participants. This program is suitable for parents with a child aged 2.5 to 5 years old and have parenting difficulties. For more information, please refer to this page

Positive Parenting Programme
Positive Parenting Programme (Parenting classes bolster family ties)

Character Building

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Developing virtues and resilience in children Nurturing virtues and values in children
Developing resilience in preschoolers