Introducing solid food for 6 to 24 month old babies

“I can do it!” – Offer your baby a cup and finger food


Title:“I can do it!” – Offer your baby a cup and finger food

Narrator: Before a meal, clean your baby’s hands. During the meal, avoid wiping your baby’s hands and mouth too often, as this may disturb his interest in eating. If he wants to eat by himself, he will reach out for the food. You can let him hold the food, such as finger biscuits, soft boiled vegetable stalks, strips of sweet potatoes and carrots. You can also allow him to handle a spoon. During the meal, as he watched you eating with a spoon, he can copy it. Even if he cannot use a spoon properly, you can still let him hold and explore the spoon. At first, hold the cup close to your baby’s lower lip. Then, tilt it to allow him to drink slowly. When your baby gets used to this, he can hold the cup and drink. You stay close and give him a hand if needed. He might knock the cup over, get his clothes wet or choke. These are part of the learning process. Practice makes perfect.