My baby is not willing to drink water, what can I do?

Why is my baby not willing to drink water?

The reason why your baby is not willing to drink water could be because there is water in the milk, vegetables, fruits and soup that she consumes, so she is not thirsty. Therefore, parents should not force her to drink water. When your baby is thirsty, she will naturally drink.

Parents need not worry about that your baby does not get enough water. You can check her urine. If your baby urinates once every three to four hours, and the urine is pale yellow and without a strong odor; it means that your baby is getting enough water.

How will my baby drink more water?

When your baby is thirsty, she will be willing to drink water, but the amount will not be much.

Babies become thirsty in hot weather, after exercising and after eating dry foods, such as, crackers and bread. They will drink more water during these times.

You can also increase your baby’s chance of drinking water. Children love imitating adults. When you drink water, also give her a cup of water. Let her drink however much she likes.

Can I give my baby juice or glucose water to replace water?

We do not recommend parents to use such drinks to replace water. If your baby has become used to drinking juice or sweetened drinks from a young age, it will be natural for her to dislike to drink water. Such drinks will also increase the chances of dental caries and obesity.