Can my baby learn how to walk using a baby walker?

(Video uploaded 04/2013)


My baby is 7 months old, I plan to teach him to walk using a baby walker. However, someone told me that it is not useful. Is it true?

In contrast to what the name suggests, baby walkers do not help in the process of learning to walk. They will decrease your baby's desire to walk as he can move around easily. They only strengthen the muscles in the lower legs but not those of the upper legs, which are used most in walking. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly urges parents not to use baby walkers. This is because apart from not being able to teach your baby how to walk, there is also the risk of tipping over when your baby bumps into obstacles.

How can I teach my baby to walk?

To learn how to walk, you have to let your baby learn how to balance and practice walking. Under your supervision, you can allow your baby to push a weighted “kiddie push car” or chair forward or you can hold him in the back and attract him to walk towards a toy or a person he wants.

If I am busy doing the housework and need to put my baby in the baby walker for a while, what do I need to note?

If you need to use a baby walker, you should be aware of the following points:

  1. Check the design of the baby walker. Avoid those which are easily foldable as they may hurt your baby
  2. Avoid putting your baby in the baby walker for too long
  3. Keep the baby in an area where you can observe him clearly
  4. Do not allow your baby to move too fast in the baby walker to avoid tipping over
  5. Watch out for movable objects around, your baby may move to somewhere he should not be. If your baby moves near the table and pull the table cloth, the things on the table such as hot tea or teapot may fall down and injure him.