When will lochia be cleared after delivery?

When will lochia be cleared after delivery?

The uterus will revert back to its pre-pregnant size and the vaginal discharge called lochia will pass out after childbirth. In the first few days to 1 week, lochia amount is heavy and appears as reddish colour. The colour of lochia will turn to pink and last for another week. Finally it will turn to a whitish discharge and gradually subsided. Usually it takes 2 to 6 weeks for lochia to be cleared.

For breastfeeding mothers, when will lochia be cleared?

Breastfeeding can stimulate the brain to secrete more hormone which helps the uterus to contract and revert back to normal size. The period of lochia passing will be shortened. However, for those who breastfeed just briefly, the lochia may change from pink or white, to red colour again when they stop breastfeeding, before it gradually subsides.

Under what circumstances should mothers pay special attention to her lochia?

If your lochia is increasing in amount, becoming smelly or you are having fever and lower abdominal pain, please consult your doctor for further examination and management.