Sexual life and contraception after delivery

When can couples resume sexual intercourse?

After the puerperium, that is around 6 weeks after childbirth, with the clearance of lochia and complete healing of the perineal wound or Caesarean section wound, couples can resume sexual intercourse when the women feel ready. Dryness, slight pain and strange feeling of the vagina are commonly found when sexual intercourse is resumed. These may probably be due to psychological factors. Most women will feel better after several episodes of sexual intercourse.

Generally, sexual intercourse will not result in wound gapping, if the perineal wound has healed well. If there is bleeding, severe pain or difficulty during sexual intercourse, you should consult a doctor for detailed examination.

When should contraception be used?

Although ovulation usually do not occur in the first 4 weeks after delivery, in order to avoid pregnancy, couples should use reliable contraception once they resume sexual intercourse. The Maternal & Child Health Centres provide professional contraceptive advices to women and you are welcomed to seek advices if necessary.