When does menopause usually take place?

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When does menopause usually take place?

A woman reaches menopause when she has missed her periods for 12 consecutive months. The average age of menopause in Hong Kong women is 51. Some women have menopause in their 40s while some women may still have regular menses at the age of 54.

What is premature menopause?

If you reach menopause prematurely at or before the age of 40, medical advice should be sought for the need of hormonal replacement therapy.

What is late menopause?

If you still have regular menses after 55 years old, medical personnel should be consulted to exclude possibility of ovarian tumor or other hormone secreting tumors.

What are the warning symptoms before and after menopause?

Some women may experience irregular menses when approaching menopause. However, as other serious gynaecological diseases may also lead to irregular menses, therefore doctor should be consulted if this happens.

On the other hand, if you experience any vaginal bleeding after menopause ( i.e. vaginal bleeding after missing periods for 12 consecutive months), you should seek medical advice and examination promptly.