Cleaning your baby's mouth

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Title´╝ÜCleaning your baby's mouth

Heading: Cleaning your baby's mouth

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Doctor Felix Yu, Oral Health Education Unit, Department of Health: To ensure your baby has healthy teeth, you should help get him into a habit of cleaning his mouth every day. After the first tooth appears, you can brush it with a baby toothbrush and some drinking water. To clean your baby's mouth, follow these three steps:

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Scene: The baby is lying on the couch. His mother cleans his mouth with a wet guage.

Doctor Felix Yu: First, wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Next, wet a piece of gauze, or cotton with drinking water. Wrap it around your finger. Gently rub your baby's upper gum and then lower gum in a circular motion. If your baby has teeth, remember to clean them too. Also, to protect your baby's teeth, do not allow your baby to drink milk while he is sleeping. Change to cups and stop giving him feeding bottles for milk when he reaches 14 months old. Give him a cup to try when he is 9 months old.