Choose the right clothes for your baby

(Video uploaded 01/2013)


Title´╝ÜChoose the right clothes for your baby

Scene: Various types of clothes for baby

Narrator: Avoid picking clothes made of nylon and wool or garment with laces, as these materials can irritate baby's delicate skin. It is better to pick cotton clothing which is soft, comfortable, water absorbent and non-irritating to skin. In cold weather, you may consider putting on a wool sweater on top of a cotton underwear to avoid baby's skin to have direct contact with wool. Collar, sleeves and pants which are tight may affect baby's blood circulation. For his comfort and easy changing, you should choose clothes with no collar, loose sleeves and made from more elastic materials. Choose clothing in simple designs for your baby. Often check whether the buttons and strings are securely attached. For clothes with zippers and buttons, they should be in the front and can be unbuttoned or unzipped to the calves. This will be more convenient for changing diapers.