Introducing solid food for 6 to 24 month old babies
When my baby is ready for his first food?

(Video uploaded 03/2018)


Title: When my baby is ready for his first food?

Hostess Ms Anna Wu, Registered Nurse, Family Health Service, Department of Health: when can we be sure that babies are ready? Generally, babies can try solid food when they reach 6 months old. When your baby shows the following signs, it means that he is ready to eat solid food.

Narrator: These signs include: He can sit stably against the back of the chair. He is also able to reach out his hands to grasp onto objects. When he sees the spoon coming, he opens his mouth and no longer pushes the spoon out. He also swallows the food rather than spitting it out. If your baby shows the above signs, you can start feeding him solid food.