Introducing solid food for 6 to 24 month old babies
“Mom, Stop feeding me! I am done. ”

(Video uploaded 03/2018)


Title: “Mom, Stop feeding me! I am done. ”

Mother : Sweetheart, finish your congee. Have some more. It's good for you.

Father : She seems full already. Look, she doesn't even want to open her mouth.

Mother : Eating a little more shouldn't be a problem. Ah... Open your mouth.

Hostess Ms Anna Wu, Registered Nurse, Family Health Service, Department of Health: For you and your baby to enjoy mealtimes, you should feed him according to his hunger and fullness signs. First, let's look at how babies behave when they are full.

Narrator: If your baby does any of the following, he is probably full, slows down while eating, spits out Mommy's nipple or the teat, stops eating and falls asleep, becomes distracted or doesn't seem interested in milk or food, turns himself away from the food or spoon, pushes away Mommy's breasts or the bottle, has strong reactions, e.g. arching his back. Babies adjust the amount of food they eat according to their needs for growth and activity. Sometimes they eat more, sometimes less. If you always insist that your baby eat more, either by urging him to empty the bottle, striking the bottle, or using the teat to tickle his mouth, it makes him feel unhappy, and he links these feelings with eating. He would end up eating less, or even refusing to eat.