But I have Caesarean Section…

(Video uploaded 15/03/2015)


Title: But I have Caesarean Section…

Narrator: Some mothers choose Caesarean delivery for various reasons. Does it affect breastfeeding? Let's see what the doctor says…

Doctor: Well… I understand your worries about labour pain and not having enough strength for natural birth. According to your health record, you should be able to have natural birth and a Caesarean birth is not needed.

Expectant mother: Really?

Doctor: Yes. Although a Caesarean birth might save you some energy but it also has risks, like, excessive blood loss, painful surgical wound and wound infection… etc. The risk is higher than natural birth. Although we tend to use spinal anaesthesia, the anaesthetic agents and analgesics may affect the babies' ability to suckle breastmilk.

Expectant mother: But I may be very tired after birth how can I breastfeed?

Doctor: Well… your worries are reasonable. It is common for mothers to think that they will be extremely exhausted after natural birth. However, the adrenaline (a hormone) released during the labour process will make the mother more energised and less tired. Comparing with Caesarean birth, the body secretes more hormones that help breastfeeding after natural birth. These hormones also help to make you less stressful, feel relax and relieve the pain.

Narrator: After listening to the doctor's advice, you should know why it's best to have a natural birth and avoid unnecessary Caesarean delivery.