Hunger cues

(Video uploaded 15/03/2015)


Title: Hunger cues

Narrator: Tip number 2, recognise your baby's hunger cues. As the baby takes the lead in feeding, you have to know the cues of hunger. When the baby is hungry, he opens his mouth wide and puts his fingers into the mouth. Sometimes he makes a smacking sound as an urge to suckle. When you see these cues, feed your baby then. If you wait till your baby cries to feed him, it may affect his suckling. To facilitate the mother to recognise the early hunger cues, it's best to place the crib in the parents' bedroom, this allows you to observe the hunger cues at any time and feed him accordingly. It also enhances the bonding between you and your baby, and increases your sense of satisfaction. After feeding your baby, you can put him back in his own crib to ensure his safety.